Friday, March 1, 2019

I am SO excited to announce that I have started a new blog.  I will still have all the same refurbishing tutorials, and we have added way more info and unique things to offer our readers.  We have named it:

We have so many posts coming up including:

How to create a hard surface faux marble countertop

how to refurbish a antique dresser

How to build a budget chicken coup


Keto living

Natural living

DIY Jenny Lynd Beds

How to build a closet

And so much more!  Join us as we renovate and bring our cottage back to its glory days!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

So much has happened since I talked to you last!  We have welcomed a new baby girl into our family we call her Cupcake. I also started up our new blog! Come join us over at
 I will be slowly transferring all these posts over there, and continuing to blog about my refinishing/ family life, and Steve (my husband) will be joining in with segments of videography!  


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hello everyone!  I know its been a long time, and I know a bunch of you have been waiting for that invite to the new site.  Its not 100% set up yet, but I am starting to post over there now.  So your welcome to join me over there!


Thursday, March 8, 2012


To my wonderful readers. 
 Skitt A Skatt will be closing...
NO!!! You say?  
Well don't worry your pretty little heads,  do to some changes in our life we are going to open a new blog that will feature all the same furniture refinishing, and tutorials that you love and see on this blog!  It will be a little different because it will not be a buisness based Blog.   It will be about the life of my family and I, our home renovations, furniture refinishing, me learning to cook (this should make you all laugh), and of course the occasional tutorial!  This was a very hard decision for me, because I have 466 readers here, also because it means I have to come up with a new name.....hhmmm....Can you guess what it will be?   Leave me a comment if you would like an invite when we open the new blog.

Friday, February 24, 2012

DIY Built In . White Built In . Reveal

Happy Friday!  I am SO happy,  I actually finished the built in. This project has taken two years...not because it was hard, but because of my procrastination.  Here is were I left off the first time.

 ( ^ ) I got this far, then something came up and thats were this project stood. In this picture we had just taken our TV out and put it on the other side of room.  We were left with big gaping holes and a overwhelming mess.

 I started with the holes.  Using patching tape and a little wall putty it made getting rid of the holes really easy.  You basically put the tape on right over the hole, then put a really thin payer of putty on.  Let it dry fully, then sand and put another layer of putty on.  Do that till your wall looks nice and smooth, then if you want you can use spray on texture.  I didn't because its going to be mostly unseen.

Next I added one shelf.

Added molding and filled the nail holes.

Even though I hadn't put the horizontal molding on, I gave it a quick coat of paint, just so it would move quickly when I finished the rest of the molding.  Nothing like waiting for paint to dry when you have 4 coats to do...

Ok, so Im not sure if you remember this AWESOME tool my Hubs got me for Christmas a couple years ago...
This thing is SO cool!  It works on everything!  

Here I decided, instead of measuring and cutting a bunch of vertical trim pieces, I would just cut out a notch on the molding that was already there. That way I could use a full piece instead of a bunch of little pieces.

 (^) Filled up all the nail holes...

Put quarter round on the base board

Painted it a warm white (there is a little bit of gray in there), and it is now ready to decorate!  I have my sister who was in interior design coming over tomorrow to spice it up!

Do you love it?  It makes my living room so bright!

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Built In, White Painted Built In

My Built In Project

I am getting things done! WOO HOO!  It is the most satisfying feeling...
So yesterday my built in looked like this:

 Blehhck!  It was sort of overwhelming me.  I started building this two years ago!
 (I feel like I should have the cone of shame on.  Wink  )

 (Below) The first thing I did was clean it all off, and patch up the holes left over from the TV.
After that I measured and put 1x1s on each side to hold the new shelf.
Then I had my dear husband use a hand held circular saw (I love power tools, but I can not seem to make friends with the circular saw!)  to cut me out the shelf. Here it is unpainted.

Next came the trim (most of the trim, I can't find my Genesis any ware, so I will find that tomorrow so I can finish!) & spackling paste:

I still need to put the vertical trim on, but I thought I'd give it a couple coats of paint to start.
That is ware I finished today, what do you think so far? 


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Procrastingating . Organizing Home . Life In A Condo

I have a confession to make...I am organizationally challenged.  I have at least 10 projects going all at once, and I never get any of them fully finished.  There fore I never post about them.  I have been known to procrastinate, and I have to be super motivated and have my husband on board to get any large project  done. 
I am going to show you something really embarrassing...keeping it real.

(Top pic)  This is the right side of my rectangular shaped living room, complete with cartoons, feather boas, coloring book pages and unfinished furniture/trims/built ins...and of course three different shades of paint on my wall.
(Bottom) Left side of the living room (note the deer in the window).  The only things that are completed are my two beautiful lamps. I feel like a college couple who just moved in!
 Yes...That is a van seat in the corner of my living room, and my large plastic box of paints etc. Hehe
Living in a condo you do what you have to do.

I have began the task of making my house plainly functional.  After that I will take a ton of photos and show you how to take ordinary yard sale, thrift store, and estate sale items to achieve diamond style on a dime!  One room at a time.  Forget my past posts about kids rooms, laundry rooms etc. We have thrown all other projects out for now to concentrate on  one room at a time.  

Here is what we have done today in the living room.
sorry for the lame pictures. 

We moved the TV out of the built in onto the bottom of our hutch!  I was going to use it for all my beautiful milk glass, but it was the table or the hutch in the dinning room & the table won.  I couldn't part with the hutch base, so in came my evil plan to save it!

The sofa is now under the window, and the two chairs I got for a steel are now in front of the built in. 
 Its still a huge mess, but I have a plan and I'm sticking to it!  Look at my check list, I'm doing good!

SO that's ware we are at, next step is to finish all the trim in the room.  Caulk the crown molding, put quarter round on the base boards, and finish the built in....Wish me concentration!