Friday, February 24, 2012

DIY Built In . White Built In . Reveal

Happy Friday!  I am SO happy,  I actually finished the built in. This project has taken two years...not because it was hard, but because of my procrastination.  Here is were I left off the first time.

 ( ^ ) I got this far, then something came up and thats were this project stood. In this picture we had just taken our TV out and put it on the other side of room.  We were left with big gaping holes and a overwhelming mess.

 I started with the holes.  Using patching tape and a little wall putty it made getting rid of the holes really easy.  You basically put the tape on right over the hole, then put a really thin payer of putty on.  Let it dry fully, then sand and put another layer of putty on.  Do that till your wall looks nice and smooth, then if you want you can use spray on texture.  I didn't because its going to be mostly unseen.

Next I added one shelf.

Added molding and filled the nail holes.

Even though I hadn't put the horizontal molding on, I gave it a quick coat of paint, just so it would move quickly when I finished the rest of the molding.  Nothing like waiting for paint to dry when you have 4 coats to do...

Ok, so Im not sure if you remember this AWESOME tool my Hubs got me for Christmas a couple years ago...
This thing is SO cool!  It works on everything!  

Here I decided, instead of measuring and cutting a bunch of vertical trim pieces, I would just cut out a notch on the molding that was already there. That way I could use a full piece instead of a bunch of little pieces.

 (^) Filled up all the nail holes...

Put quarter round on the base board

Painted it a warm white (there is a little bit of gray in there), and it is now ready to decorate!  I have my sister who was in interior design coming over tomorrow to spice it up!

Do you love it?  It makes my living room so bright!

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  1. OH MY GOSH!! TOOL ENVY!! lol I LOVE your built ins,and Im sooo jealous cuz I too have been wanting to do this for years in my living room.Kuddos! Awesome job:)Deidre~

  2. I adore built-ins and am blessed with many in this home. Yours is awesome.

  3. This turned out great! So bright and cheery. It will look awesome all decorated :)