Thursday, February 23, 2012

Built In, White Painted Built In

My Built In Project

I am getting things done! WOO HOO!  It is the most satisfying feeling...
So yesterday my built in looked like this:

 Blehhck!  It was sort of overwhelming me.  I started building this two years ago!
 (I feel like I should have the cone of shame on.  Wink  )

 (Below) The first thing I did was clean it all off, and patch up the holes left over from the TV.
After that I measured and put 1x1s on each side to hold the new shelf.
Then I had my dear husband use a hand held circular saw (I love power tools, but I can not seem to make friends with the circular saw!)  to cut me out the shelf. Here it is unpainted.

Next came the trim (most of the trim, I can't find my Genesis any ware, so I will find that tomorrow so I can finish!) & spackling paste:

I still need to put the vertical trim on, but I thought I'd give it a couple coats of paint to start.
That is ware I finished today, what do you think so far? 


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