Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Procrastingating . Organizing Home . Life In A Condo

I have a confession to make...I am organizationally challenged.  I have at least 10 projects going all at once, and I never get any of them fully finished.  There fore I never post about them.  I have been known to procrastinate, and I have to be super motivated and have my husband on board to get any large project  done. 
I am going to show you something really embarrassing...keeping it real.

(Top pic)  This is the right side of my rectangular shaped living room, complete with cartoons, feather boas, coloring book pages and unfinished furniture/trims/built ins...and of course three different shades of paint on my wall.
(Bottom) Left side of the living room (note the deer in the window).  The only things that are completed are my two beautiful lamps. I feel like a college couple who just moved in!
 Yes...That is a van seat in the corner of my living room, and my large plastic box of paints etc. Hehe
Living in a condo you do what you have to do.

I have began the task of making my house plainly functional.  After that I will take a ton of photos and show you how to take ordinary yard sale, thrift store, and estate sale items to achieve diamond style on a dime!  One room at a time.  Forget my past posts about kids rooms, laundry rooms etc. We have thrown all other projects out for now to concentrate on  one room at a time.  

Here is what we have done today in the living room.
sorry for the lame pictures. 

We moved the TV out of the built in onto the bottom of our hutch!  I was going to use it for all my beautiful milk glass, but it was the table or the hutch in the dinning room & the table won.  I couldn't part with the hutch base, so in came my evil plan to save it!

The sofa is now under the window, and the two chairs I got for a steel are now in front of the built in. 
 Its still a huge mess, but I have a plan and I'm sticking to it!  Look at my check list, I'm doing good!

SO that's ware we are at, next step is to finish all the trim in the room.  Caulk the crown molding, put quarter round on the base boards, and finish the built in....Wish me concentration!



  1. Hey felicia! Its nawel! Raquels sister. Remember me? I love ur blog so creative im excited for after pics....

  2. I wish you good steady concentration!! It will look great when finished :)