Sunday, January 17, 2010

Give Away #3

For Give Away #3 
For My Princess
we have:

I will be giving a darling little girls stool! 

AH! I just think its TOO cute!  I also make Ruffle stools!

Yes, we do make custom stools

There are more things in our Etsy Shop!

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 Have you ever heard that reading to/with your child is one of the best things that you can do as a parent?  I have, from many people.  So I started to read my daughter a few stories before she went to bed, and it was the most amazing decision I ever made!  She started going to bed without a fuss, and having quiet time looking at books during the day...I was so shocked at her basic love for books.  So naturally this Sponsor brings me so much excitement!   

Whitney is a independent consultant for Usborn Books and More!  Her mission is to deliver educational excellence one book at a time while providing financial opportunities that foster strong family values.   She throws parties that give you amazing discounts on books that would normally cost way too much!  These books are exceptionally high quality, beautifully illustrated, award wining children's books. 

Here are some of my favorites from their site!  I am not even skimming the surface of how many books are available!

My little princess would LOVE these!

This is all in one set!  

I love books SO much!  There are so many different kinds over at Usborn Books!  You just have to visit 
  Whitney's site!   

Whitney is donating 

Fairy Cooking

In this delightful book, you'll find lots of delicious fairy recipes for you and your princess to make and eat. 

Whitney also loves party hosts!  Her parties are SO much fun!  My sister hosted one for my family & friends and it was beyond a hit!   She would love to throw a party for you!   If you book a party with her, and mention my Blog, she will give you free $10 book for hosting a qualifying party! YAY Thank you Whitney!  For details on savings and book parties feel free to give whitney a call, or Email.

Want to call? Please post a comment and I will send her number to you! 

Last we have another item from:

What little princess doesn't want a special place for her little trinkets, and crystal hooks to hang her princess things on!

This adorable shelf is so cute!
  It works perfect for hanging little bath roabs and other cute things on.

So I wish all of you the best of luck!  Make sure you check out my sponsors and give them loads of love!! We want to have them back again!

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