Sunday, January 17, 2010

Give Away #2

OK! For our second give away we have:
Pipers Quilts & Comforts!

Piper’s Quilts & Comforts is a Quilting & Knitting shop located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Piper’s is a family name and chosen for the shop out of love and respect for Ethel May Piper. They strive to have their shop reflect the joy and happiness the arts of Quilting and Knitting (and many other in betweens) have brought to us. Piper’s has been featured in several National Magazines and was chosen as one of the all time best quilt shops by Better Homes & Garden “Best of Quilt Sampler” magazine. They specialize in Hand Applique and working with wool, but are really into it all!!

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These amazing ladies hold classes to teach you almost anything in the quilting world!  Every Tuesday they hold a Knit Happens class, its FREE!  All the supplies are purchased from Pipers!  They also have a ton of other classes available, you should definitely check them out!
Also on there blog they have FREE Patterns! I don't know about you, but I am going to be working my way threw those. 

They are amazing!  Here is some of their things!


Quilting Patterns


I was SO excited to learn that they were just in SLC!  
Best of all Pipers Quilts and Comforts will be Sponsoring me in the upcoming 
A BLOGTASTIC EXTRAVAGANZA! January 18th-22nd!!  

What will they be donating????

This lovely Apron Pattern!!  
Ethels Apron
Have fun adoring all Pipers lovely things! 


YES!  I will be giving away this beautiful Chalkboard Utencil Hanger! 

It is painted in my most favorite color ever...Teal.  There is lots of uses for this, you can use the strip across the top for days of the week, or the month, or even a recipe for a day of cooking with the ladies!  It is such a cute piece!  I personally use mine for hanging my adorable hot pad gloves, but it is perfectly good for hanging your utencils!

We have recently opened our Etsy Shop, and I would love it if you had a visit!  

We also have a Facebook, and Twitter
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Allie loves cooking, crafting, and sewing. Her books are are compilation of all three of these loves. 

The books started a few years ago when her mom asked her to type up all the recipes. When friends and family started to ask for her recipes she wanted to give it to them in an organized & stylish way, still leaving them room to add their own recipes. And her books were born!  I love the way you can flip easily through to find your recipe, add your own recipes, and wipe off those all too common spills.

There are 4 different types of books that will suit every type of person!  Each book has its own unique look!  I am so excited for you to go to Her Shop and have a look for yourself!  

Here is some of here books! I just love them~

Damask (my favorite)


She even adds some over her favorite recipes for you!

Allie also offers an option to DIY!!  
You can order a kit to make a book yourself!   Allie will send you the kit with the paper and recipes cut and ready to stuff in your 200 ct. 4x6 photo album. This is only $12.00! Wow!
My brain is just bursting with ideas!  Bridal Showers, Parties...the list goes on!

Now the exciting part!  Like I said Allie will be sponsoring me for ABE, she is SO amazing because during the
 BLOGTASTIC EXTRAVAGANZA,  She will be offering you a 10% discount to anything $30 + in her shop!  

I justher

Make sure you come back on the 18th to enter~ all entries will be easy and quick!  If you LOVE what your seeing leave a comment, I am sure Allie will love to know!


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