Sunday, January 17, 2010

Give Away #1

Hello!  So this give away is Awesome! 
First we have a 15% Discount on anything in our Skitt A Skatt Store!   We just opened so there are not too many things on there, but it will be growing!  

This Gift will be sent to you along with the rest of the items in this give away! 

Second we have :

Jan and Adonna's

Old Barn Rescue creates one-of-a-kind wall decor from up-cycled doors, windows, furniture and molding.  They love finding just the right door knob or hook, and getting their hands dirty digging for the perfect treasure to finish a piece.  You’ll find all kinds of wonderful, eco friendly decor in the Old Barn Rescue section of their site.  
 Adonna is always coming up with new wall graphic designs, most of which are hand-drawn, making them unlike anything else out there.  She is always being asked, “Where did you buy your fonts?”   Her hand-lettering now graces the walls of many a nursery, bedroom, kitchen, bath, classroom and storefront.  As two MWK’s (mom’s with kids) they enjoy being creative and are committed to making sure you love what they create.

First (My Favorite)

I LOVE it!

For your Little Princess

I would love to put one of these on my front door!

Valantines day is comming up...GUYS!  This is something that will make her very happy!

What  a perfect place to put such an important reminder!

And for that adorable toddler room, class room, play room.

These were just a few of the amazing choices that they have!   I am SO excited for you to go and check this out yourself!  

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Their Etsy Shop

Super Market
Now this is an interesting newish site!  Super Market is a wonderful Juried, clean site with loads of artistic people and things to buy!  It reminds me a little of so I know you will love it.  Old Barn Resque Company is one of only a few vinyl decal companies on there!  So make sure you give yourself some time over there! 


Credit to there shop!
you can shop at  
Their Site
Their Etsy Shop


Third we have a handy 

Chalkboard Key Hook
hand made by:

This Chalkboard Key Hook is 8x10 and will hold 3 sets of keys!  Its a convienient place to leave a message and more!


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