Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Harlequin Fun $150.00 SOLD

Today I refinished this Fun little game table. It was not the best thing to look at, but had so much potential!

After: It is so much fun now!! Cant you just hear it calling you to do a puzzle, or play a game of chess? All in all I have decided that harlequin patterns are not my favorite to do! It is extremely time consuming, but it is worth the time if you have the patience to do it!

This Table will be for sale on KSL.com till Thursday, then you can find it at Finders Keepers in American Fork $150.   ~~~~SOLD~~~


  1. cute, your going to have to teach me how to refurbish things!!

  2. Hey Bama! I would love to help you refinish some stuff! Then you can learn!