Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fun HArlequin End Table $60. SOLD

BEFORE: I love the lines on this table, it kinda flirts with you. I wanted to try the Harlequin pattern on something a little smaller, so this time I covered the entire top with painters tape, and then drew the pattern on, after, I removed the diamonds that I wanted to be white, and painted them. You'll need to let the paint dry completely before you remove the tape to avoid getting paint on the black diamonds. After you leave the paint to set completely, sand down the surface thoroughly more in some areas then others.

AFTER: I really like this Harlequin pattern even if it is hard and time consuming. It would work really well, in a play room, or even in a house that is not afraid to have a little fun! The drawer on here is just for looks, but it did add just a little bit of a whimsical touch. $60.00 SOLD


  1. Where do you find all these pieces, and about how much do you spend on the materials to fix them up?

  2. I am very patient and have a certain amount of money I keep aside, and when the right thing comes along, I buy it. Through KSl, or Antique Houses, or Yard-sales! You have to be willing to get up a like 5 in the morning to get ready and eat and be the first to the yard sales. All the really good deals go first!