Sunday, August 15, 2010

A little touch of Character $200.00 SOLD

Before: It is a nice enough looking dresser, but it definitely need a bit of fixing, the drawers all stuck together as you tried to open one. You have to make sure that you sand down your dresser before you do any priming to make the surface smooth and to give the primer something to bond to.
After priming the first layer of black paint went on, then I made a stencil of the flowers that you will see here. Stencils are very easy to make, you can draw your own flowers or just print them off the internet. then cut them out on thick card stock or plastic, after placing the stencil in the places you would like the pattern to be, take your paint brush and dab the paint lightly over the stencil till you get the thickness that you want.
Here is the top, all I did here is tape off the edges and paint the center with the same paint as I used for the flowers, then sanded till I could sand no more!
And Voi La! The finished product! It will certainly add character to any room!
This Dresser is for Sale at the American Fork Finders Keepers. $200. SOLD~~


  1. I love how unique you make everything! I'm trying to refurbish a table... not quiet as good at it as I want to be. But I think it will turn out alright, at least to last until next summer.

  2. I love this! The colors match with that stencil so great. I love the tattered edges and the top! Amazing work!