Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Thrifty Finds

Thrifty Finds~ Two words I adore! 

This past week was my birthday!  I had an absolute blast just spending time with my Family.  I am looking forward to a weekend retreat this weekend in Park City!

So!  Do you want to see the great finds I scored?
Of course you do. Ha!

Some of you may know that I am remodeling my Laundry Room, along with all the other rooms in my house Haha. 

Well, I am sort of going with a shabby chic style, and I am very particular about what I want in there.  So far we have bought a new washer, we are saving for the dryer.  I also wanted an antique iron, antique clothes washing sign, some cute containers, and an antique washing board.  All with coordinating colors. 

So thank you to a good friend of mine over at 
Treasures Antique Mall 
in Springville for finding me these two beauties to add to my room!

This is an antique Colman gas iron!  These are very rare!  They weren't used for very long because after lighting the pilot inside if you weren't careful, it could cause the gas holder to light on fire and blow up! Haha, ya it was not popular for long. 
Apart from a little burn on the handle, and a little needed cleaning, it is in mint condition!

 The Antique washing board was actually used by a family, and it has a really daring painted stamp/lettering on the top..I need to find a way to bring it out so you can see it. 

I also added a couple of pieces to my milk glass collection...
I think I am done for a while. Ha!

I have finally decided on grey for the hutch!  Then a grey blue for the back so the milk glass will stand out.  

What do you think?

Leave me some comments!   I love them!


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  1. grey will be fabulous for the hutch. what great treasures your friend found you! I need to go there, i've heard about it.