Thursday, August 11, 2011

Milk Glass

Hello!  So lately I have been appreciating the simple yet elegant design of milk glass!  My great grandma had a small collection, and when she passed away she left her collection to my grandmother.  Sadly my grandma passed away the year before last.   She left that collection to my mother, and one day my mother (hopefully not soon at ALL!) will pass them onto me. 

There are so many types of milk glass!
Milk glass originated in Venice in the 16th century. However, back then milk glass came in all different colours including:






  All of these colors still project a ‘milky’ color as the tone is thick and coated. Some of these colors still exist in milk glass, especially blue, but the opaque color is the most popular. 

Since the 16th century, milk glass has remained a popular collector’s item as well as a useful item around the house. However, most of the collectable milk glass of today dates back to the 1700’s or newer. 

Although milk glass came from the 1500’s, the term ‘milk glass’ did not actually come into play until relatively recently. During the 19th century glass makers referred to milk glass as ‘opaque glass’ and was still considered a luxury item and a great collectable. 

Milk glass is very easy to fit into any type of style. 
I have a few pieces of my own, and I simply LOVE them!

A large vase for holding my spoons and spatulas etc.

A small planter that I use to hold my sink cleaners and a few decorative spoons. :-)

Yes, that is a little glimpse of my kitchen....

I am so excited for my birthday present this year...

yes, my hubby is going to buy me this awesome addition to my collection.
They will all be displayed on this hutch!

Isn't that the most adorable hutch?  I love the country look of it!
I plan on painting it white then painting the inside of the shelves blue or yellow with a light stenciling on it to make the milk glass pop.  It will look gorgeous behind my antique table.


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  1. I adore milk glass and have quite a few pieces too. I have some sitting on top of my vanity in my bedroom you can see here
    I have it all over. It is just lovely!