Friday, July 29, 2011

Apothecary dresser

So in light of my recent injuries, I will not be refinishing any thing for a week or so.  But not to worry, I have an amazing before and after for you!  

This is my little girl's apothecary drawer dresser.

Isn't it adorable?  Although the green is nice on it, it was too dark for my little girls Birdy room.

We have one trouble wall, between her door and her closet door that just needed something.  When I saw how thin this dresser was I nearly jumped for joy!

  So here it is all set up in her room, we have yet to order the knobs that will be going on it.  But you can just imagine how cute it will be with white wainscoting behind it, and pumpkin crystal knobs in large and small.
Thank you Finders Keepers!


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  1. That is perfect! What a great find! What happened with your car accident?! I'm gonna read your last post...I hope you're ok!!