Monday, July 11, 2011

Yard Sale Finds

Im so excited to show this weeks yard sale finds!  I love it when I find unbelievably great things! 

So here they are!  

I usually dont like grapes, but the way this fire place guard looks was just beautiful!  I found some more candle holders to go with my growing collection, two sweet shabby chic jewelry boxes, some adorable frames, antique drawer pulls, and this gorgeous soup terrine! 

This lovely candle holder I might actually steel from my collection and put on my nightstand in my room.

Sorry for the blure. These antique drawer pulls will be the perfect finnish to my daughters Dumpster Dive Dresser.  

I can't wait to show you what I will be doing with these cute little frames! 

The white jewelry holder will be in my little girls room as a part of her make over project! The dark jewelry box will be perfect for my bathroom! 

This was my most exciting find!  I love everything about this soup terrine!  It will hold a normal crock pot size worth of soup, and it will soon have a home on my other amazing yard sale find...My 100 year old table!

Ready for the total that was spent?!?

A whopping 


Hope you enjoyed all my finds!  Keep coming back to see what I am doing with all of it! 

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