Monday, May 16, 2011

My Little Girls Room

I am loving this weather we are having!  As I was doing some spring cleaning,  I realized that my daughters room is well...out of control.  Her blankets sheets etc. are all really dingy, like all children's bedding after 2 years of use, they need to be replaced.  Her walls have endured her creativity and artistic drawings using paint, glitter glue, and of course permanent marker.   Amongst other things such as the need to sort threw the cornucopia of toys (in plastic tubs under the bed) its altogether is a total mess.  

I have a few inspirational pieces that my daughter has picked out in the last few months that she just loves...I am hoping to build off of them and do her whole room for under $100.00 (not including paint).  Most of that will go to a new bedding set.   All the pieces, such as her bed, tea table and chairs, and storage tubs are all in very good condition so no need to replace those.  

Her favorite flowers are Yellow Tulips and Traditional Daisies, her favorite color is Yellow!  So I want to make her super happy! 

Any ideas?

I love the thought of white wainscoting but higher than usual, and then yellow the rest of the way up.  To incorporate yellow tulips I thought I could do a craft with simple pots (painted)  then with quick dry cement and silk tulips I could make her windowsill look like a little garden.  As you can see from the pictures she also loves birds. I would love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. So cute. That girl has good taste. I love the waiscoting with the yellow!

    I'm going to do the bead board with green walls for the babies room.