Tuesday, May 3, 2011

How To Reupholster A Chair

OK!!  Get ready for a LONG tutorial!  This weeks tutorial is "How To Reupholster a Chair"!!!

I will try and be as detailed as possible. 

Here is our candidate!  Vintage cosy, swivel chair.  Its beige, and in really good condition, but it didn't go with any of my friends decor.

1st step: If you choose to work on this inside, you will want to open your windows because a chair this old will have plenty of "junk"  that will be floating around in your air.

2nd step:  Start to remove all the fabric...

I started with the skirt on the bottom.  Be careful while removing the staples, they are sharp, and it hurts like the dickens if you stab yourself.  Make sure as you are taking each piece of fabric off, you write with a permanent marker (detailed) info of what it is, and were it came off.

Its ok if you tear the fabric a little.

With a pare of needle nose pliers pull out the rest of the staples that were left behind.

Take pictures as you are going so you can reefer back to them as you are reupholstering. 

Keep the buttons as you take them off...

We are  ready for our 3rd Step...

I drew little pictures on each piece so I knew exactly were to put it.

4th step: The mess in it all...Take all the pieces of the old fabric and place them like a puzzle on your new fabric...(about 5 yards).

Ok, so you will have pieces that look like this...(top picture)  Just give yourself an extra inch around it and you'll be fine.

If you choose to re-use the piping here are some pictures to show you how...

After cutting out all your pieces, you will sew the new fabric onto the piping.  Then place it on top of the right side of the fabric, with the bare sides together (top pictures). 

To attach the other side of the cushion to the piping...

Sew it all together and here is what it will look like!  Make sure after you pin it all together that it looks just like this, then sew. 


Staple under the arm, and along the side (the staples will be covered by the side piece of fabric after you put it on.  

I used a very tough fabric glue to put the button back on.

Sew the back cushion on from behind before you staple the back on.

Here is it all finished!  In an attempt to make it updated, I didn't put the buttons back on the arm, or as many on the seat. 


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