Monday, February 7, 2011

Laundry Room Remodel

 I am SO excited to announce that I will remodeling my Laundry Room!   Why am I remodeling my laundry room first?  Because it is were LIFE starts for me!   If my laundry room is disorganized, so is my life.  I have two designs that I am torn over...

I love this design because it gives me enough room to put my laundry basket and a storage drawer beneath the table.  My small iron board would slip nicely between the laundry baskets/storage drawers,  and I would have a large enough table to fold clothes easily.  Two small shelves would give me plenty of space to put all my detergents, and cleaners. BUT!  I would not be able to do crafts, or display my reupholstered  iron board.  

Laundry room number two would give me a very large table to fold, iron, craft etc. on.  I would have more than enough shelf to have all my cleaners, and crafts.  I would be able to hang my iron board on the wall ware it would add some cute character.  BUT!  I would loose the space to put a storage drawer and laundry basket.  


What are your thoughts, ideas?  I would love to take any advise you can give me! 


  1. Just a question. How tall is the ironing board? Could you mount it beside the W/D between the shelf and table? or is the table too deep for it to work?

  2. What about something like this UNDER the washer & dryer! I'm making it for my home now!

  3. Here's my 2 cents worth...I find that there is always a bit a laundry hanging around the laundry room so if I don't have a laundry basket in there it just ends up sitting on the washer so I'd go with the first design! Plus, do you really need the whole wall of shelves? What is going to go on them? Would look less cluttered if you had the storage drawers to hide stuff in!

  4. Tonia, That would be very cute if I hung it sideways, It is too tall to hang traight up. BradyBunch, I saw that while looking threw some pictures on Google, and I think that would make the washer and dryer too tall to fold things on. Adonnal, the reason for the whole wall of shelves would be to store all my craft supplies and tools, right now I have all my supplies under my bed, and I would like easier access to them. But you are SO right about the clutter! I am still so torn. Well I guess we shall see! Thanks so much for all your advise!

  5. You are SO right, there's nothing worse than a disorganized laundry room!

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  6. You could add a simple wicker basket or something like that on top of your washer and dryer if you want them side by side... I have one in my laundry room that I got for a few dollars at Walmart and then spray painted could do it any color to jazz it up for your style