Monday, December 20, 2010



Kate of Centsational Girl

Less is More

I don’t know about you, but I’m strongly feeling the need to spend less money on things this season, and far more time with family and friends.   The ‘spend less money, spend more time’ notion I mentioned last year is again rearing its head when it comes to decorating around the house. 
Just the other day, I opened the Christmas closet and realized I didn’t even want to bother with half the *stuff* stored away in there.  I pulled out some silver and gold favorites and put everything else back.  Maybe it will stay, maybe it will go, it depends how I feel come January.  Are you feeling the same desire to keep it simple this year?
When it comes to decorating this season, I’m working (mostly) with what I’ve got, trying to create something fresh and new, but not spend money on things I don’t need.  This year, I decided to give a half dozen thrift store candlesticks I had in my stash a quick coat of spray paint . . .

. . . I stacked a few more ornaments in a favorite hurricane, placed some fresh garland to the kitchen mantel, plus my two favorite mercury glass candle holders and called it a day.  Then I made hot chocolate and settled in on the couch with the family for another Christmas movie. 

Quick and easy, cheap and pretty.  
My kind of holiday décor!

Isn't she awesome!  I just loved this tutorial!  More than ever this year I have felt the need to make this Christmas more about family and less about decorations.  Its not how perfect or flawed my home is.   This is one thing that turned out more beautiful because it was so simple!  I hope you enjoy this and I hope it inspires you!  For more of her tutorials and furniture transformations visit her site!


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