Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Partial Wall. HELP!! CONT.

Welcome to my little home!

So I know that I just barely posted this post, but there were a few questions that I wanted to answer so you guys could help me better!  

Here is the layout of the front of my house.

One of my goals this year was to start updating my kitchen.  As I have been gathering things for my kitchen for a while in an attempted to update it for under 500.00.  Instead I started to update my friends kitchen...Haha.

So back on track now, I have a partial wall in my living room/dinning room/kitchen.  I am so torn weather or not I should keep it, and just work with it, or if I should tear it down and make my room more open.

Here it is.

That third arrow is a trouble spot as well, we can't put anything there because it blocks off the hall way. 

Pardon the mess in the background, I'm deep cleaning...and when I deep clean, everything gets worse before it gets better! Yep, I'm one of those people...
  Behind this wall is immediately my sink, to the right is my refrigerator (you can just see a little of it in this pic) then my dinning room...

ok so now you see my fridge, and my lovely hutch! (to be painted).

Right now my table is off to the side because I am working on getting a design going!

Here is my living room that is directly across from the kitchen and dinning room. If you are sitting on the sofa your view is the partial wall.  The hallway starts right behind the chair.

Phew!  Are you all still with me? 

Do you see my dilemma?  

What are your thoughts?


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