Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tea & Dress Up

Good Morning!  This morning is so quiet and peaceful in my house.  My husband is at work, and my sister has my kids for a sleep over, so it is just me.

I made myself a pot of tea, and I plan on sipping that as I finnish this post, and head over to some of your blogs to read what is new!

Sigh of happiness....

Yes...That is real steam coming out of the pot.  I still can't believe my camera got that! 

We had our harvest party at my church this past week, it was a blast!
My family dressed up "Farm Theme"
Mr. SAS and I are dressed up as Farmers
My little Mia is a girl from little house on the prairie 
and my little man is a chicken (the beak was SO impressive...before he got to it).

My son is not too impressed with all the jumping and hollering that is going on behind the camera. Haha, but I love this picture still!

Have a great Fall day!


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