Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Antique Finds...OH LALA

All I have to say is WA HOO!  I have been patient for so long to have an antique vanity with out spending an arm and a leg.  So as I was ksl.com hopping, I spotted this...

Parden my shadow...

This was an antique sewing machine table! It has been missing its machine for a long time, and with the removal of the sewing machine came the big gaping hole smack dab in the middle of this lovely piece. 

I am pretty much certain I can rout out a nice piece to place over the top of the entire thing.  

Why did I buy something that needs so much work?
Because I got it for a whopping 

Then as if that wasn't a great enough find, they threw this in because they wanted it to go to a good home!

Pardon me while I dance like a fool...Haha
So what color should I paint it?  I will be putting it into my daughters room as a part of the makeover.

OOH!! Speaking of  the make over, here is her new bed! 

Notice the style, and the legs?   They are the same as the vanity and armoire!

This color is Robyns Egg Blue, it is one of Finders Keepers most popular colors.


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  1. they 'threw' that in for you?? NO FAIR!! gorgeous furniture, it'll be sooooo fabulous when you're done!!