Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Dumpster Diving Find...

So I have been DIEing to tell you about this!  I was on my way to work Finders Keepers, and saw this Yard Sale!  It was packed with furniture, beds mostly.  My first thought was to see if my boss Tammie would like to come and buy some of it, then I went hunting.  After talking to them for a few minutes, they pointed me over to a very lonely mirror that use to belong to a beautiful dresser that just happened to be missing.   I bought it right away! $2.00!  Then after talking to them a little more, I found out they threw away the missing dresser because they broke one of the legs.  After getting into there HUGE dumpster I found this...


The leg was broken, and from them throwing it into the dumpster it had a few other broken the bottom drawer.  

First I had to get all the old nails out.

After that the leg fit perfectly.  The leg was splintered really bad, but that was ok because that meant that the glue would have a really nice bond.

I used Elmer's Carpenter's Wood Glue

After I clamped every direction I could to make sure that there was no moving while the glue dried.

 I LOVE clamps...
Life would be much harder with out

Half of this leg was missing to.

I used an amazing product that is called

Magnum Multi Putty

It only comes in a pack of three, the yellow/brown color is for wood.

Then like play dough I formed the other half of the leg.

After leaving it to fully dry I sanded it down to make it look just like the rest of the leg.

Because the old wood wheels were in bad condition I took them off.

Here it is standing upright.

To fix the drawers I used the wood glue again. Because they were dove tailed it was just like putting a puzzle back together.

The top was AWFUL!!

For this project I used an oil base primer. 

A really good angled paint brush

After priming I went over all the scratches, dents, and missing veneer with a quick drying filler.

It is almost finnished!  

Here it is all primed and ready to be painted!! 

Here it is all painted!  I just have to decide what drawer pulls I will be using.  The mirror will be the last thing I put in.  Come back next week, and I will show you what it looks like in her new room!

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  1. That's incredible. You did a fantastic job for sure!! Can't wait to see it with the mirror!

  2. This looks so close to the one I just bought! You make it look so much easier than it is. I about died after sanding some scratches out! You're amazing!

  3. Wow! You are one dumpster diving queen, that looks amazing now after all your hard work!

  4. You got some serious skills Felicia! I can't believe you were able to repair that dresser! I can't wait to see the finished product.

    I am featuring you in the a.m.


  5. Felicia, I have enjoyed following your blog and had a question for you. Have you ever run across acme kitchen furniture co. I'm working on a dresser (that looks a lot like this) and I'm having a hard time finding out about it. I'm going to paint it and just didn't want to destroy something I should be restoring. If you know anything I would love to hear about it! Thanks- Autumn
    You can email me at if you would like.