Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Saving Money by Refinishing

Last spring just as the weather was starting to clear up, I decided to get out of the craziness that comes with a sick family and a room remodel (that seems to last forever), I decided to bring life to an old hutch! 

Isn't it lovely? 
The top of the hutch looked really great apart from the fake gold medal panels.  As I was attempting to remove them the glass broke!  HUMPH...
So after contemplating if I should replace the glass from my ill planned removal, or to go a completely different direction I decided to revamp the entire thing and go for Wow!

Old Top
Old Bottom

Here it is!  After taking off the doors I had to do some chiseling, and sanding, it wasn't being very nice to me...

I cut trim to the appropriate sizes to fit nicely along the bare edges.

Next I primed...

Do you like my use of trash bags?  Last minute solution..

After a coat of cream paint, and some high quality finish this is the ending result!

Oh how I LOVE that crown molding! 

This is my tip to you, instead of spending $400.00 + on a hutch, find a $40.00-$60.00 hutch with similar lines and fix it up!  It will give you satisfaction that you did it yourself, as well as pride in your home. 

What do you think?!?
Here it is staged at Finders Keepers!

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  1. Gorgeous! I wouldn't have guessed those were the same pieces! I LOVE Finders Keepers in American Fork! Can I ask a question, do you use a sprayer or brush? Because the furniture there looks so smoothe and perfect!

  2. Wow, what a transformation, I love it! you did a great job. What was the finish that you used for it?

  3. it looks Beautiful great makeover!!

  4. Thank you!! I use a sprayer. The finnish on this is Krylon No Odor, because it is so nice, and also because it is UV resistant. Thanks again!!

  5. Amazing!! You have an incredible eye for these things!!

  6. Ohh... We have a old corner book shelf that needs revamping and I think creme would look awesome, thanks for the inspiration!
    CJR @ The Mommy Blog

  7. Love it! Wow it looks so great! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Wow, what a great transformation - love it! Love the color and openness. Wonder if I'd ever be brave enough to do something similar to my similar hutch :)

  9. Here from Centsational Girl ... this is EXACTLY what i want to do for my husband's home office ... now, I just need to find the right candidate. My eyes lit up when i saw your makeover. Perfect !! Can't wait to do one myself!! I am gonna follow you :-)) Thanks for the inspiration (and hope)

  10. I agree ... FABULOUS !! Very impressed. *Becca*


  11. it doesn't even look like the same piece! so much softer and lighter!

  12. my gosh...it's gorgeous!!! you have staged it so perfectly! love the pops of color and the light in the top. :)