Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Vanity Shmanity $100. SOLD

This is my attempt on getting rid of boring old vanities~  I felt like hot pink and black would be an inspiring combination.  This is the perfect vanity/desk for girls/ladies.  It has two drawers, and the top opens up for more storage.  The first thing I did here was sand down the entire vanity, then made sure I wiped all the dust off, no one wants a bumpy surface!  Priming is very important if you will be using the piece a lot, so I primed, then gave it plenty of time to dry.  Before you put your first coat of paint on, you need to decided if you are distressing it or not, for this piece I wanted to, so I distressed were I wanted.  Distressing your piece before you put your paint on, will keep your primer from showing after you paint.  It took two coats to make this look nice and even.  Then after it dried I re-distressed it.  Make sure you know if you want a glossy finnish, or if you want a flat finnish, a glossy finnish lets you wipe surfaces down easier.   After two coats of finish it was ready to go!!

$100.00 SOLD~~

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