Saturday, August 14, 2010


Hello!  I am so glad you popped by!  I am so happy to share this reupholstering job I just finished.  Now  I am still learning a few tricks of the trade, but it turned out so cute that I think I will keep reupholstering in my future.  This chair was a yard sale find of my friends, I believe it was 5.00!  It had a dated dirty green fabric on it.  Not that I have anything against this fabric, but it really was very dirty!

 No need to say it gave me great pleasure to remove all the fabric from the chair!

Phew!  That sounds like it was easy?  Hardly!  It felt like the staples would never end! 

 Find a thin tipped flat screw driver, it worked even better than the staple remover! Keep a hammer with you for the stubborn staples. (by tapping the end of the screw driver with the hammer, the head of the screw driver will go under the staple easier). Also take a ton of pictures, that way you can use them if you need to remember how something was placed.
 As you are removing the fabric write were you took it from (left to wing, right side under arm bottom) trust me this will help you in the end! Hence...
DO NOT throw away the fabric you took off.  It will be your pattern. 
 Choose your fabric wisely.  Your fabric should be thick, and seat worthy.  If you are not sure of the fabric, ask an employee, they should be able to let you know. Now, lay your fabric out on a large flat area. (we used the entire living room floor).  Keep the pattern facing upward.  Lay the old fabric on top with its pattern facing up as well. 
  Be conscious of the way the pattern is facing, if you decided to use stripes, make sure when you place your pattern piece the stripes are facing the right way.  Now pin your pieces of old fabric (pattern) onto the new fabric (leave at least 2 in between each piece).  When you cut the pieces out, make sure to cut a little under an inch away from the pattern.  That way if you need a little extra to work with you have it (you don't want to come up short).
before you throw away your pattern copy were you need to place your new pieces. (left wing, right side under arm bottom).  Now we are ready to get to business! If you have access to a compressor staple gun I would highly recommend it!  Now, just put everything back they way you took it off. 
Don't be afraid to use a little hot glue in the tricky eras. Or you can use fabric glue. 

Here is the finished project!

The legs are red to match the red in the flowers

Here is the side, She absolutely loves her new chair! 

So if you are going to attempt to reupholster anything, please feel free to ask me any questions!  I might know how to help! ;-)

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